Kane County Clerk - You Rock!

I ordered Lee's Birth Certificate Monday. We got it TODAY. Yes. Wednesday. I think it's a good sign. :)


Let's Get Physical

Lee and I took the day off yesterday to get physicals and to get fingerprinted.

The fingerprinting went quickly. The place opened at 9 and we were not the only ones waiting at about 8:50. The fingerprinting "office" was a teeny tiny room in an office complex, and there was one lady with a laptop and a digital fingerprinting machine on a folding table. Our experience here was much better than the one we had at the USCIS last year. (We'll get to do that one again as well, so I'll write about that later.)

On to the physicals. We had 2 different forms for each of us to be filled out by the Dr. One for the DCFS and one for our agency (the one that goes to Ethiopia). DCFS apparently only cares about 2 things: 1. Do you have TB? and 2. Can you lift a child? The Dr. and I were laughing about that. "Oh, so you can have any other disease... just not TB?" The other (international) form was more intensive (HIV, HepB, urine sample)... so we gave some blood too. And urine. This may be TMI, but what is wrong with me that I cannot pee correctly into the cup? I once again peed all over my hand, and barely got enough for them to sample. Hope some form somewhere doesn't ask about THAT!

We worked on paperwork all afternoon. I think I have a better handle on the forms than last time. It didn't seem quite so daunting, even though, technically, there is more to do for Ethiopia than for the Ukraine. I was able to order our marriage license and birth certificates online. Also, I was able to email people from whom we needed official letters. I'm wondering how all this was possible without technology.