Knee Pads

Knee pads are one of the most critical pieces of equipment when playing roller derby. All the veteran Derby players will tell you not to skimp on them. I have huge knee pads and, not only that, I have gaskets that I wear underneath to fill in any empty space.  It's like falling on a cloud. As an aside, I can tell you that I always wear my knee pads since I broke my patella during an open skate. I was feeling confident and happy and I ended up tripping over a kid who fell right in front of me. So, yeah, I'm pretty passionate about wearing them now.

In Derby, we spend a lot of time practicing falling, especially with the new girls. And it's drilled into you pretty quickly that once you fall you need to get back up immediately. 3 seconds is the general rule. Faster is better. Of course, not falling at all is best.

If you stay down too long, you become an impediment to other players and you are not helping your team.

I think maybe we all could use some spiritual or metaphorical or emotional knee pads, and the training to rise up quickly after life (or "Mayhem Steamroller") puts you down on the ground.


No worries. All ok.

Here we are again. To get cleared for sports. Again. Broken toe is healed but toenail is in process of falling off. When Yo discovered that lovely piece of anatomy coming off, I thought she had found a bug because she screamed, jumped up, and backed away from where she had been cutting her toenails. I'm afraid I laughed and she cried. Then we googled losing your toenail so it didn't seem so scary after that. She'll just have to tape it while she plays sports but I think it will come off at some point. Gross.  UPDATE: toenail came off and was possibly grosser than imagined. 


Best Cat Ever

He just is.  That is all.

Kicking & Screaming

My children are mortified when I TRY to take selfies. "Mom! Please no!"

I think they will like this pic of my empty plate.

Last year I got Yo's hand me down iPhone and so I learned how to ... what's the verb here? Maybe just use a phone that did more than make calls. Remember those?

Anyway, I just got a new phone with a screen big enough to attempt blogging.