Someone's Been Working Out.

Lee and friends from this summer's Warrior Dash.  Like the uniforms?  Yes, that's Green Lantern underwear... proof to my friend's 4th grader who claimed he was too old to wear comic underwear anymore.  Au contraire mon ami!  You are never too old. (Apparently.)


Not Even Possible

Doesn't seem right that we are parents of a Middle-Schooler and a High-Schooler.  Weren't they little kids once?  Didn't I used to actually carry little Yo around the block?  Didn't Habtamu have a high voice?  And why is he taller than me? (sigh)

Habtamu is doing very well in school.  He has several ELL (English Language Learning) classes with the same teacher, in a small class room.  This has really helped him get the attention and focus he needs.  He got mostly A's and B's and one C this last semester.  For being here only 4 and a half years, every one agrees that he is doing a fantastic job.  We are so proud of him and how hard he works. 

First day of 9th Grade:

Yordanos is also doing well in school.  She recently tested out of her extra reading help, and is now in mostly regular classes.  She is still in a special math program with a smaller class size and an EXCELLENT teacher who has made math her favorite class.  We want to encourage her to do her best, but not well enough to test out of this class. :) Just kidding.... kind of.

First day of 6th Grade:

Both are playing indoor soccer this winter.  Yo played soccer all fall. Habtamu played football, which is a post unto itself.  Habtamu tried out for basketball this year, but got cut early on.  He did not seem disappointed. I asked him how he felt about getting cut.  "Ok."  Really?  Why is that?  He shrugged, "I didn't know what I was doing. Can I still play soccer?"


Picking at a Scab

What is it with me?  Why do I pick and pick, when clearly it does NO good with teenagers.  Yes, that's right, teenagers. (Well, a teen and a tween.)  Anyhow, there is a child here that has gone through countless watches and headphones.  We find watch carcasses in very strange places.  When asked re: condition of said time-piece, we get genuine confusion as to what could POSSIBLY have happened.

This weekend, said child displayed a new pair of headphones (bought with child's own money - fool me once, and all that) broken off at the plug.  Later this weekend we received a set someone didn't want, and this child claimed a right to it.  Oh, no, we said, this will go to the other child who has been using headphones for quite awhile with only one working side.You can take the one with one side working.

We look over later, and child has new headphones given by sibling (guilted into giving them), and is using them.  I can't say "them" because child was using ONE ear-bud, with the other one dangling.

People, I tried, I really did, but doesn't it beg the question... WHY?!  WHY?!  When you were only going to use one stinking ear-bud anyway would you.... oh, never mind.


And Then That One Time...

Here is a list of all the things we've been up to since, um, January...

Yeah, right.

Ok, I'm not even gonna apologize for "life" that got in the way, and punched this blog into last year. 

New blogs coming soon.