Pants on Fire

Me:  Did you eat breakfast?

Habtamu: Yes.

Me: (Go into kitchen, see Yordanos using the last of the milk.  Think: "Huh.  I didn't think there was enough milk for TWO bowls of cereal.")

Me: Hey, Habtamu?

H: Yeah?

Me: Did you say you ate breakfast?

H: Yes.

Me: What did you have?

H: A banana.

Me: Oh, ok.  You need to eat a little more.  You've got a soccer game this morning.

H: OH...  ERG...  BUT...  MOOOOOOOOOOOOM......................... (said in whiny, whiny voice)

Me: Just do it.  (Now thinking to myself  "I wonder if there's a banana peel in the garbage.  Should I check?  Should I become THAT mom, who checks up on every little thing?")

Me: Hey, Habtamu?

H: Yeah?

Me: You had a banana?

H: Yeah.

Me: Where's the banana peel?

H: What?

Me: Where's the banana peel?  You said you had a banana for breakfast.

H: Yeah, I did.

Me: Ok.  Where's the peel?

H: Oh, I thought you were talking about what I ate last night.

Me: Oh, uh-huh.  I think you lied to me.

H: FINE!  I lie about EVERYTHING!

Me: Sigh.  Why even BOTHER to lie about something so small?


Easter 2010... the Family Photo Fiasco

Just TRY to get a good picture of the whole family... when one of the adolescents refuses to even try for a good smile.  Just you try it.  We will gladly show these pictures to any of Habtamu's future girlfriends...