Pants on Fire

Me:  Did you eat breakfast?

Habtamu: Yes.

Me: (Go into kitchen, see Yordanos using the last of the milk.  Think: "Huh.  I didn't think there was enough milk for TWO bowls of cereal.")

Me: Hey, Habtamu?

H: Yeah?

Me: Did you say you ate breakfast?

H: Yes.

Me: What did you have?

H: A banana.

Me: Oh, ok.  You need to eat a little more.  You've got a soccer game this morning.

H: OH...  ERG...  BUT...  MOOOOOOOOOOOOM......................... (said in whiny, whiny voice)

Me: Just do it.  (Now thinking to myself  "I wonder if there's a banana peel in the garbage.  Should I check?  Should I become THAT mom, who checks up on every little thing?")

Me: Hey, Habtamu?

H: Yeah?

Me: You had a banana?

H: Yeah.

Me: Where's the banana peel?

H: What?

Me: Where's the banana peel?  You said you had a banana for breakfast.

H: Yeah, I did.

Me: Ok.  Where's the peel?

H: Oh, I thought you were talking about what I ate last night.

Me: Oh, uh-huh.  I think you lied to me.

H: FINE!  I lie about EVERYTHING!

Me: Sigh.  Why even BOTHER to lie about something so small?


Karin said...

Sigh...I had to become 'that mom'. Still am with the one still living upstairs.

Here's hoping that the time you spend wearing that persona is minimal (but...I think it's better to check and be happy when you find out you don't have problems than to not check and suddenly discover that problems have gone way beyond whether or not a banana was eaten...)

Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

Man, I remember responding with a lie to silly little things. I would be mentally kicking myself as it came out, "Ugh! why did I just lie about that?". I'd usually "get away with it" but just feel foolish inside. Oh that he "grows out of it". ;) (PS-I sent an EM or two your way, check 'em out when ya get the chance.) :D

ABG said...

Wow, C. Is this attachment related or teenage related, and how do you deal with the tension between those. I'm learning from you everything I can as I read your blog, so if you figure it out, let me know...