Starved Rock


Dryish riverbed... will we find a waterfall?

Playing in the waterfall.

Good day for this boy. Another child got grumpy, but it wasn't any of mine! :)

Reading by the waterfall.


One teeny tiny frog... there were hundreds... thousands?


Becky N said...

Let me know if the kids would like to see how those falls look, frozen, I'll send you a link to my gallery from February.

Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

Love the reading by the falls pic. Great moment. How did that happen anyway?

Oooo, Bill and I love going to Starved Rock when the ice falls are in. It can get slippy, but at least there aren't any horse flies buzzing around your head then. ;) Of course we like going to Starved Rock most times of year, remind me to tell you a story about when I was at that water fall with an old friend of mine. It's a good one! ;p tee hee

Barley :D

Marlo said...

Habtamu looks like a young man, not a boy! They are growing up so fast. You are doing a great job.
Cheering you on from the sidelines,

Yarnsmith said...


We went to SR because M (the other girl in the pics) wanted to "sit by a waterfall and read." I thought it was a great idea, so we went. ;)