Channeling the Sweathogs

Anybody remember Vinnie Barbarino?  Wha?  Wher? Who?  Why?

We've got our very own Ethiopian version now.  I just want to tell the boy that he doesn't have to FAKE stupid, because there will be plenty of times in his life when stupid WILL happen.  (Just as in all our adolescent lives!)

For now, I concentrate on getting him to AT LEAST add the T on the end of "WHA?" to not SOUND ignorant.

Also, this morning, Lee and I were talking about something unrelated to the children.  Yordanos says from the other room, "Mom, I can HEAR you."  I said, "OK?"  She answers back, "I know you were talking about us."  I say, "Why do you think that?"  She says, "You said 'whine and complain'."  Lee then says, "You know, you're not the only people in the world who whine and complain."

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