Sleeping in Seattle

Lee and I recently got a week long vacation in Seattle, without the children.  I KNOW, right?  Well, it was wonderful.  We walked and talked and finished sentences, had whole conversations, picked up ideas from the day before and, in general, remembered why we liked each other.  It's so easy for that core of the relationship to get buried with all the needs and demands of the OTHER PEOPLE that live in our house. 

I was a little worried about flying.  The last time I was on an airplane was coming back from Ethiopia, and that was a horrible trip... worth it, don't get me wrong... but, horrible.  The flight to Seattle was reasonably set at 4 hours... instead of 16... so that helped.  Lee got me a window seat, which I didn't want... me of the tiny bladder... but it turned out to be really nice.  The whole flight was clear and blue, and seeing the horizon curving pleased me.  From up there, water towers looked like jellyfish and wind turbines looked like wispy flowers.  I loved watching the land undulate across the country. (I think we were in Canadian airspace at least part of the time.) Here is where the mountains stopped for a bit.

The reason for our visit to Seattle was a conference that Lee was attending.  With the conference, we got a dinner in the Space Needle at dusk.  The people we were with had speculative conversations about whether the top portion actually was rotating or not.  I'm sure the open bar had nothing to do with that particular line of reasoning.

And here's the city as the sun was setting.  I took plenty of pictures of this as the evening wore on.  I kept walking around and around the circle.  It was mesmerizing.

 More later.  Possibly. Probably.

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Lisa said...

This last photo is gorgeous! Glad you had a nice time. I find the nights out with Ed really help us reconnect...days are even better!