Daily Snippet...

Yordanos is down to her last 4 baby teeth, and 3 of them are currently loose.  She showed me one of them that was hurting, and got more and more frustrated about it.

"It is hurting my law... my... law... my... JAW... my mouth... MY PIE-HOLE.  WhatEVER."

Still has me laughing.

We got back to school today, and for a Monday (not only a Monday, but a Monday after a 12 day break), I have to say it went very well. They didn't forget too much... we did some math review, but everything else was fine.  In fact, I've noticed that after taking vacations, Habtamu's reading seems to get better.   Don't tell him, because we can't be taking breaks all the time, but it's good to know that with the reading he does on his own is bearing fruit.  Yordanos and I concentrated on some gaps in mathematical understanding that I've noticed.  We played with manipulatives until she saw the pattern I was trying to teach.  We'll have to go over it some more tomorrow, but she catches on quickly. 

After school, the children seemed to not be able (willing?) to stop bothering, annoying, poking, touching, etc. each other.  I heard Habtamu say "Stop-uh!" for the 87th time to Yordanos, and I said, "Oh, did she pick your nose for you?"  He snorted, then quickly remembered he was trying to be angry.  I kept right on saying, with a straight face, how I can understand the frustration of somebody else picking your nose without your permission, and how HORRIBLE it must have been.  Meanwhile, Yordanos is laughing so hard she's crying, and I walked out of the room before I broke character.

Ah, a day in the life.

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