Honesty is not always the best policy

Scene: Son leaps out of parked car and runs out to Dad without checking for traffic

Mom: What are you doing! You need to look both ways before you get killed!

Son: (immediately goes into guilty, self-flagellation mode) I KNOW! I'm just DUMB!

What Dad *should* have said: You're not dumb, you just need to keep your head on straight and be careful even when you're excited.

What Father-of-the-Year actually said: You're not dumb, you're just stupid. (Pause) Sometimes. (Awkward Pause) Like when you don't... think. ( More awkward pause) But I still love you!


KLT said...

Re-do's would be nice, wouldn't they??!! Funny!

Jur said...

What's funny is that the captcha here is "nagger". you are such a nagging dad.
Love you guys and your hilarious vulnerability.

Marlo said...

I think the 'I love you' makes it all okay.....doesn't it? Hmmm....no, I think you have to say at least 109 good things to make them forget the "stupid" things you say. Oh well.

Katherine said...