Wait! What time is it ?!?!?!

I usually go to meet Yordanos part way home after school each day.  I carry her bag and lunch box and we talk about her day.  A friend of hers had just called the house, so I told Yo about it.  We got home and the phone rang, and...

Yordanos picked up the phone, and without breaking stride, took the phone into a different room and closed the door. 

And I stood in the hall, mouth open in astonishment.  And wonder.  And fear.  And deja vu.  And I continued to stand there, looking foolish, just not believing that it's here already... that thing we girls do (or did, anyway).

The conversation sounded like this, "Hee hee hee.  Yes.  No WAY!  Ok."  And ended with, "Hey Mom, can I go to a dance?" 

Lord.  Have.  Mercy.


kelly said...

la, la la, la la.... I'm not listening! I can't HEAR you!

Karin said...

OH my goodness...hang on!