Playing Catch Up

Wow! I'm really behind in reporting the day to day activities around here.

Tuesday: Habtamu had a 4 hour umbi-umbi rage ("Umbi" is "No, I won't, I don't want to, etc" in Amharic, so now we call these episodes "umbi-umbi's") I was emotionally and physically exhausted by it, and the reason (had to do with tea - SO not the real reason, if there even was one) was silly. For his 4 hour ("Not 4 hours, Mom! 3 and a half!") umbi-umbi, he got his favorite video series taken away for 4 days. We had to explain exponential growth between the infraction and the consequence.

Also, the kids have been kind of hitting each other... well, especially H toward Y, which is unacceptable on many, many levels, him being so much bigger than her. We told them if it happened again, we'd take away their other favorite video series. Today I heard them making deals like "You don't hit me, I don't hit you, or no Avatar." "Ok."

Wednesday: At our friends' farm, Habtamu had his first driving lesson... a little tractor their kids use to plow with. Habtamu promptly drove it through the electrified fence, into the ditch. Go Team Gardner! He admitted that he was NOT looking where he was going at the time, oh, and, also, he didn't know how to stop it. When the boys came up to tell us, Habtamu had blood pooled under his left eye. On closer inspection, it turned out to be his latest sty that must have exploded on impact. Thankfully, I am not squeamish and since he wasn't screaming, I deduced he couldn't be hurt THAT badly, and he wasn't. He got driving lessons, and is VERY attentive to where he is going now. I think a monster has been created, though, becausee all he can talk about is driving that tractor again.

Thursday: We went to our new pediatrician's for the 1st visit. There was very little drama this time. SO MUCH BETTER than previous Dr.'s visits. We got meds for his eyes.

This day was SO busy, that I don't even want to talk about it. Or think about it again.

Friday: Lest you think that I've forgotten about Yordanos... we were getting ready to leave for Hometown Christmas tonight (all the local businesses gussy up their windows, and there are crafts and games and horse rides up and down main street), and I put on my Head Sokz, and Yordi flipped out. She was saying something about how I would be the only warm one. I offered it to her, and said I'd wear a different hat if she wanted it. (I THINK I said it nicely.) Anyhow, she was discontented, and Habtamu and I were getting irritated and angry, because we wanted to GO. So, we all get outside and she takes off in the wrong direction. We have to go after her because it's NIGHT and she's too young to be wandering around alone. Then she heads back towards home and I tell her she has until the house to stop umbi-umbi or I take away Avatar. I take it away for multiple days and still she doesn't come back. Finally, I firmly take her arm and lead her back into the house where she screams bloody murder as I take her boots off (didn't want her taking off) and I left her in the hallway.

Habtamu and I played Jenga, and she calmed down and came to watch. I asked if she was feeling better. Yes. I said "Come here and tell me what happened." She starts to cry again, so I went to her and held her and FINALLY she says "Red hat, Mommy scary." Well, I felt bad at that point because it never occurred to me that my HEADGEAR would be scary, but it kind of is. So I apologized and said "I never thought about it being scary, I'm so sorry." Then I suggested that in the future she could just say "Mommy scary" earlier and avoid the whole umbi-umbi and getting your stuff taken away.

This parenting thing is like herding cats.

Speaking of cats, I won't tell you about the cat that's now living in our basement. Because we are Suckers, is why. We're both avoiding making a decision about what to do about him, because I think we both know where this is headed. His name is Momo. Dang it.


Katherine said...

I've often thought that parenting is kind of like herding greased chickens. Or greased cats.

I know you'll have bad days. We all do. Some days are more spectacularly bad than others. Just keep on praying and doing your very best. That's all God asks. You'll make it!

kangaj1 said...

Hilarious. That darn cat. Welcome to your new family, kitty kitty!! Just wanted to send you an internet hug. I had one of those days yesterday. Not good when the kids go to bed and you just melt in an emotional breakdown. Today has been much better. One day at a time, my friend, and His mercy is new each day.
Melissa Juvinall

Karin said...

I don't understand AT ALL about new kitties sneaking into one's life. Nope...don't get it.. ;)

And herding cats. Great metaphor! I'd add that you're trying to herd them into a tub of water, however, and that there are mice running loose in the room.



Julie said...

I love the idea of you being "scary mommy" in red headgear! Gosh, Yordi is such a sweetheart! I loved the video of her with the stocking. I can not wait to meet them both! Oh, yes, and see you and what's his name, too. So this scary mommy thing made me remember that Elena hates it when I put my hair up in a towel-she just will not allow it and always pulls it off. I guess we should listen to them, and stop looking scary!

The McEvil One said...

I think you should rename the cat Suckers