Seeing Stars... Not the Good Kind

My friend Katherine (another homeschooler) and I took our kids sledding this morning. Katherine asked if I was going to sled, because SHE was going to. I said no at first, but it looked really fun. And it was... the 1st 2 runs. Then I got daring and went over the little jump, got some air, and landed HARD on my coccyx. That's when I saw stars, and when the sled stopped, I laid there, unable to summon up the will to move. Trying to be brave so my kids didn't flip out, I started moving and got back to the top of the hill.

But YIKES, I sounded like a creaky little old lady for the rest of today. Getting in and out of my low riding Saturn was torture. And to put my boots on, I had to put my back against a wall and slide down. I tried not to grunt, but it hurt so bad, that I made a sound every time. And every time both kids said "What?" And every time I said in a strained voice "My back!" (Thinking "Remember? You were THERE when Mommy hurt her back.")

The kids were very helpful with the dinner prep... had them get everything lower than my waist. Forgot about the cookie shards that had to be cleaned out before making dinner... so I was down on my hands and knees cleaning that (now burning) crud out.

We decided to watch a movie together after dinner, and Yordi made my chair very comfortable for me, with pillows and blankets... very sweet. Habtamu had written notes to Lee and I earlier today and we opened those... also very sweet.

So, even though some stuff was bad, we came through it OK, and better than a lot of days, so I'd call that a Win for Team Gardner today. Even if getting up tomorrow is going to take me 1/2 hour to straighten up. :)

ALSO, did you know that "really" is a really, really hard word for new English speakers? The kids both say "early". It's very cute. Oh, also, just so it's documented, they both say "holgon" for "hold on". And Yordanos still calls the Library the "libaby". It won't be long before there won't be any amusing language fodder. I will miss this time for it's comedic value. :)


Katherine said...

I'm so sorry you got hurt! If it makes you feel better, it took me awhile to get out of bed and downstairs too. There's not much on my body that doesn't hurt... So, up for more sledding tomorrow? heh heh!

jur said...

The other day (the really horrible one) Mark tripped and fell on my leg, and I felt my knee and hip both pop. It was not a bad injury, but hurt for the rest of the night, but somewhere in there, the boys were so sweet (and Mark kept apologizing) and playing Ring Around the Rosy around ME, that it actually helped a little.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I broke my tailbone about 12 years ago. I now can tell when the weather is going to change.
may you heal fast!