Now, if I asked you this question first thing in the morning, what would your response be? Angry? Defensive? Kind? Patient?

"Are you going to be grumpy like you were yesterday?"

Now, if the same question were asked to an ultra-sensitive sibling first thing in the morning, what would his response be?

Now, let's say that the 2 people asked the offending question got themselves together and became happy again, like we were first thing in the morning, what effect would that have on the one who asked the question?

Would she

a) get herself happy, since the other people were now happy?
b) become grumpier, and get sent to her room?


Windchimes said...

Personally, I think I'd be pretty grumpy if someone asked ME that. Not that I haven't asked that question of OTHER people in my house...

Christine said...

Definitely defensive AND grumpy - but I despise mornings. Truly. My brother would react defensively by the silent treatment and a possible nap to prolong avoidance. As to the last question, I don't know what normal people do - I know I don't improve though. :o)

McEvil One said...

in related news:

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