This is the Sport that Never Ends...

My mom asked me the other day about soccer, and I realized that it SEEMS like there would not be soccer at this time of year.

Oh, but there is. They still have practice 3 times a week (indoor), and they had one tournament each (indoor). Indoor play is quite different from outdoor: fewer players, smaller field, smaller goal, no off-sides, shorter games. They each had 4 games during their tournament... on the same day.

Here's a pic from Yordi's last game in November. It was chilly. (Ha! We thought THAT was cold.) They ended well, winning this game 2-1.

And here's one from October... Habtamu's got a pretty powerful kick.


Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

Nice pics Chris. :) At least they are still burning off some energy, right? Ballet isn't quite managing that goal for Alannah right now like soccer did. ;) Hope you're all well.


christophertadhankins said...

Holy crap! Habtamu has some serious style on the field! I actually feel sorry for that ball!
Great shots, BTW.