I should have known. I should have listened to that inner voice that said, "Don't use wax paper in the oven." And YET... the cookbook specifically said "Line sheet with greased wax paper."

SO... with smoke pouring out of my oven and all my baking sheets now covered with wax, I have to say !@#*&@*&$^*^%&^@%#&$*&* to you, stupid cookbook, and the horse you rode in on. Also #$@%.

At any rate, making lemons out of lemonade, or in this case, macaroon chunks out of a big waxy mess... Lee and his cousin Mike didn't have any trouble picking off the good bits of coconut-y yumminess. Mike's wife didn't join us in our munching, which is, we figure, the reason she is a size 2 and we are not.


Windchimes said...

hee hee! hey, can I have that recipe? Just kidding!

jur said...

perhaps the cookbook writer meant "greased parchment paper" which seems a lot like waxed paper but is different in one key point -- no wax? And who was the publisher and can you SUE THEM??
Glad the guys were able to enjoy anyhow.

Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

Oh man...that's sooo annoying. ~>:o ;) I love macaroons. Mmmm, coconut-y. :D.. I would have definitely been partaking in wax removal and chunky macaroon consumption (and no, I'm not a size 2). ;) tee hee Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas, wax paper aside.

Love ya!

cuz jill in sd said...

Tee hee- thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your posts! Thanks for taking care of my big bro - even if they were waxy :o)