I know I should blog, but I just don't feel like it. I should have written a Christmas letter, or made New Year's resolutions or something... just couldn't work up the energy. This is a hard time of year for me to get excited about. I know, I know... CHRISTMAS! I actually like Advent better... being a more contemplative time.

I have to say I'm relieved to be back in our regularly scheduled life. It works better for the kids and for me. We only had one really big meltdown from Habtamu this whole season... pretty much this whole winter. He was, you guessed it, hungry, tired, and in transition, and his sister called him "mean" for changing the rules of his own game to suit himself. So, he sat by himself at McDonald's without his lunch (his choice) while we finished up eating and I tried to remain calm myself, since I just wanted to yell (which never, ever helps).

The kids are typical American children now. Sigh. They had their Christmas lists prepared in advance and when it was all over, had the gall to say those words spoken by children everywhere in lands of plenty: "Is that all?"

We spent the weekend after New Year's at a cabin with Lee's folks and his sister and her family, which now includes the cutest baby in the universe. Yordanos did not bring her new doll, because, "Baby Jovie will be there... SHE'S my American Girl Doll." So we talked late into the night, watched movies, played games, worked puzzles, and played Wii until our brains were pleasantly mushy. (Hence the aforementioned breakdown by Habtamu.)

Back to the grindstone today. The kids and I had a pretty good time at school today. I added a couple of new things that they liked. I thought Yordi was going to go down, but she rallied and they worked very hard. Then we went to the library, replenished our books and videos, paid a $9 fine (doh! those dvds!), and had a lovely afternoon eating popcorn and watching the Cosby Show.

Hello to the Madison, WI contingent! Thanks, Andi, and Andi's friend Kristen(?) for reading.


jill coen said...

I have no blog desire either...

Thought about ya'll the other day when Silas was trying to make my sister do something his way and I heard her say, "I ain't gonna be your tag monkey..." :)

Andie said...

Kristine and I are still stalking you. WHOO!!! It was great catching up with you at New Years!! :)

Jennifer said...

Hello to you too! Glad to hear you made it through alive!