Because Daddy's Psychic

Yordanos: *BURRUFFT!!!*
Lee: I see you opened the whoopie cushion Santa left in your stocking.
Yordanos: Yep! It puff sounds puff-puff funny. (3 small squeezes) *Brft-Barfft-BrrAFT*
Habtamu: Me too! (Sets whoopie cushion on the floor)
Lee: You know... those really weren't made to be stepped on. It won't last very long if you keep stomping on it. You'll be sad when yours breaks and your sister still has one to to play with.
Habtamu: I know. puff-puff (Sets whoopie cushion back on the floor)
Habtamu (picking up the cushion and putting his finger in the gaping hole): It's broken.
Lee: Didn't see that one coming, huh?

Chris giggles
Yordi continues pooting away in the other room
Aaand curtain!


jur said...

laughing out loud.
because daddy never had that very very same thing happen to him when he was that age...

Windchimes said...


Marlo said...

Love the drama!

Ellen said...

Santa has a sense of humor!