Ethiopian Peace Accord

Today, an issue that has been brewing between the 2 Ethiopian factions came to a head.

Both parties complained of being awakened by the other party to use the bathroom at night. Tired of this particular argument, I went into Diplomatic Mode to get to the bottom of the problem. Both parties vehemently denied waking up the other party during the night, and yet both stuck to their original complaint that it was the OTHER party at fault.

I'll spare you the conversation, although it was hilarious. The breakdown went like this: Yordanos had stopped waking Habtamu up when she had to do #1, but she DOES wake him up when she has to do #2. Habtamu, alternately, does NOT wake up Yordanos when he has to do #2, but DOES wake her up to do #1.

The following treaty has been proposed and accepted by all parties, and goes into effect tonight:

No one will wake anyone up to use the bathroom at night for either #1 or #2. And both parties will remember how much they dislike being woken up when deciding whether to wake up the other party.

The only acceptable reasons for waking up either party:
b) persons unknown breaking into their 2nd floor bedrooms
c) bats flying in room


Windchimes said...

well done! I'll hire you next time I need to broker a peace deal here!

ABG said...

Let's hear how it works....! :)

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