A Day in the Life

H: Let's play basketball!
Y: OK!

H: (paraphrased) You're doing it wrong!
Y: (paraphrased) No, I'm not!
H: (paraphrased) Fine.  You want to do it wrong?  OK!

Y: You can play by yourself then!
H: You SAID you wanted to play!

Y: Mom!  Mom!  He's telling me what to do!

Y: Mom! Mom!

Y: Mom!  Stoooooooooooop! 

Y: Mom!  I'm trying to stay angry!

Y: Mom!  Stop making me laugh!

Y: StooooooooOOOOOOoooooooop!

Y: Oomba.  (Ethiopian equivalent of a pout.) I'm not talking to you!

30 seconds later...



jur said...

Looks to me like everyone ended up getting their way.

ABG said...


Windchimes said...

*snicker, snort* I love it! Thanks!