Half Empty or Half Full?

I forget what Habtamu even said one day, but I called him "Mr. Glass Half Empty."  He didn't know what I meant, so Lee volunteered to demonstrate.

He asked the kids, "Is this glass half full?"

They answered "Yes."

"Is is half empty?"


"Well, which is it?  Half full or half empty?"

Habtamu answered glumly, "Half empty."

And Yordanos chirped happily, "Half full!"

And there, my friends, is the truth of my kids' personalities in a nutshell.

When I announced to my family that I had finally swum the length of the pool (25 yards) without taking a breath, Lee and Yordanos cheered.  Habtamu's comment?  "Huh.  I bet lots of people can do that."  Lee shook his head and said, "All that water in the pool, and it's STILL half empty."

Can you guess what kind of a personality I had as a child?  Hello 1st grade!  (Mom? Were there no re-take days available?)

It gives me hope that if we're born with a "glass half empty" sort of personality, we can sometimes, with God's help become "half full" people.

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Jenny said...

How MUCH do I love this post???? (Very much!)
And nice picture. Probably no retakes because she knew they would turn out the same way.