Funny Notes

Yordanos did this copy work from the Bible in church. The last part is her own take on it. She thought it was hilarious, even though I'm sure she didn't know what she'd copied before she added my name.

This is a grocery list that Yordi added to...


Sue L. said...

It was GREAT to see your kids at church on Sunday. Yordanos remembered me. She said "I remember you, I was hiding your bag!". Then Habtamu wanted to "HUG" me. Ha Ha Of course a hug meant tickling. Hmmmm, how did he remember that I was ticklish? Their language is really improving, and their smiles~~ ah, their smiles are just precious. Hope their mom and dad enjoyed some kid-free time!!!
Love and blessings,
Sue L.
The Bag Lady (and proud of it, dude!)

Katherine said...

I still think we ought to have gone down the kitten aisle for cat #5!