Tying One On... or... Belt Me

No, seriously, try to hit me... but in the karate practice way, where you throw one right-handed punch, and I deftly side-step it, (pretend) break your elbow, worm my arm under your armpit and onto your neck, where I push down, as my knee comes up to meet your nose, and my free hand karate chops the back of your neck. I'm pretty fast at it now, but it would take some compliance on your part. :)

Anyhoo, Habtamu and I are AWESOME, and are now, incidentally, green belts. We broke another board using a front kick this time (side kick last time) and it took me three tries to break that thing. I was afraid of breaking my toes... yes, yes, you hit with the ball of your foot, but the toes, the toes, the TOES are attached to the rest of the foot, and I would hate to see my new desire to exercise fade away with a broken toe.


Katherine said...

congratulations! That's a nice feeling when you get your new belt!

The McEvil One said...

so when does Mr. Miyagi make you 'sand the floor'?