This day in history...

I meant to mention that on Tuesday, nothing happened. The significance in that nothingness is that the kids went to the dentist that day and it was so uneventful that by the time I got home from work, I had to ask to see their teeth. Now granted, they didn't have any cavities so the real tools of the trade didn't come out, but still, 6 months ago we couldn't get either of them to even sit in the chair. Well, Y would have except H was throwing such a fit she didn't dare. Anyway, at the time our dentist was kind enough to peer into their open mouths in the hallway and at least confirm that things looked functional. Turns out H had some kind of infection but nothing that some good ol' American antibiotics couldn't take care of. Oh, and there was the obligatory "Me go Teeth doctor, all teeth out, Ok? Yes! OK! All teeth out! GO!" tirade, just to meet the one tantrum minimum.

None of that this time around. No whining, no cavities, no freakouts.

Totally uneventful.


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