Arrrrr! Pirates!

Habtamu now wants a boat. He got to drive Uncle Bob's, and now he's hooked. He wondered why WE don't have a boat. I had to explain that when you buy a boat, it's not just the boat you have to buy. I told him that it's better to KNOW people with a boat. :)

The kids learned a new word: dinghy. My cousin Jeremy took his kids and my kids out in it on Lake Michigan. At one point the dinghy was going around in circles. I wondered what Jeremy was doing, then realized that Habtamu was driving. Oh. Got it.

I have to say, I love coming to Grand Haven (That's in MI, if you're not from around here). I'd come out here every week during the summer in my teenage years. I broke a toe on this pier. It just makes me happy to be near the big lake.


The McEvil One said...

Now, if he was making all LEFT turns...then he could drive for NASCAR!!!

Megan said...

Fantastic pictures!
Looks like it was a fun weekend.
I want a boat too, but I'm pretty sure that pier space in Chicago is twice what my rent for the apartment costs....or more.
Though I had my own fun playing with the kittehs....and by kittehs I mean Murray and Sibbie and Momo....I never saw Rico.