What was that noise?

Oh! That was the other shoe dropping.

Got a new one today. "I hate you guys!" And it's not from the one you may think. Nope, it was my darling daughter, who, if she is not PMSing, I'll eat my hat.

She was really touchy all day. She got into trouble at a friend's house this afternoon. Aaaaaaaaand, it's been downhill since then. She finally lost it... I mean LOST it, when I told her I would not fix her hair for the walk she was going to take with Habtamu and Daddy. They'd already been waiting for her to put shoes on, put lotion on, look at herself in the mirror, etc, etc... So I told them to go on and she cried and carried on.

I told her not to leave the house, and out she went out the back door. I shooed her back in and she then went to the front door and opened it. I then told her her only choice was to go to her room. On the way up she informed me that

a. she's not going to ever eat dinner with us again, and
b. she hates us

Oh, and now she's banging on something upstairs and mumbling about injustice, etc... ad nauseum. I am not responding to any of that, because clearly she she is scared and worried and probably feeling guilty over her earlier indiscretion, and she's now ranting about how we don't like her and we're angry at her. She equates anger with dislike, and that makes a certain amount of sense in kid logic.


julie Ball said...

Welcome to the wonderful world called "girl drama!!" When my kids said they hated me I just figured I must be doing my job! Hang in there!

Jenn Hahn said...

Perhaps the joyous teen years will be over faster if they start earlier! Right?