Vacation Time or Forced Family Fun?

Wellllllllllll, we have successfully finished our first real tour of my family in Michigan. We did a trial run back in February, visiting for one event, then high-tailing it out of there. This time we stayed several days at my Aunt and Uncle's. We lovingly call their house the Lap of Luxury, as it was rather like staying at the Hilton. The kids had a room and we had a room. Everyone had a TV in their room. Our kids got up at 6 a.m. every day to make use of said TV until I got up around 8. Ok, bad parent! But we were all on vacation and I make very little apology for taking the easy route... just this once.

We also got in local visits of 2 other sets of Aunts and Uncles. After a few days we went up to see my Dad, then took the Badger from Ludington, MI to Manitowoc, WI. Then, just a quick 3 more hours in the car... complete with "Are we there yet?" "How many more miles?!?!" "I have to PEE!" etc, etc, etc... And that was just me... ha ha.

Seriously, though, the kids did REALLY well, considering we were taking them hither and yon. I think it helped that we had a home base, and that the other people we visited were within a 30 minute drive. I know it helped me having a separate bedroom, because I really, really, cannot sleep with "people" in the room. Lee is ok... 11 years of marriage, and he's part of the bed, really. But I hear every snuffle, roll-over, cough, partial snore, etc., of "those other people who now live with us and it still seems strange sometimes like at 2 in the morning in a motel when I'm wondering what that noise it and realize there are children in the room."

I'm going to post this now, and I've got highlight pics of our trip to post later. I'll try. I know it's been too many days for some of you not to get your Gardner fix.

I'm sorry there was not Police involvement on this trip to make it more interesting, but there were Pirates!

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Windchimes said...

Well, heck! I was really looking forward to some police involvement! It's been far too long!