There are birthdays and there are BIRTHdays

A year ago today, for Chris's birthday we were on a plane heading to Ethiopia. Look at the cool, optimistic, confidence in those eyes on the way to the airport! There are no pictures of us after the 30 hour flight, for what should be obvious reasons.

Yesterday, my children became cousins as my sister had a baby girl, Jovie Marie.

Happy Birthday Jovie!
(Sorry folks, no pictures yet...)

Oh and Happy Birthday to you too aunt Chris!
Look at that little cutie!

(I'm in sooo much trouble...)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Isn't it today? I thought you shared the same birthday as Monique and Greg's daughter??? Maybe I am off a day.


Windchimes said...

Happy happy happy birthday!

The McEvil One said...

Run, Lee, Run!!!

Yarnsmith said...


Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Beautiful Crafty Queen! ;D

Man, I know your B-day by heart, it's even on my calendar, but I can't seem to get an EM/call in on time. Sorry! Hope you had a nice celebration, we should meet for Mangos sometime soon. ;)

Lots of love!
Barley :)