Too Smart

We've been hanging out a LOT at the city pool. 5 times in the last week I think. A few days ago, Habtamu asked me how to spell 'pizza' while we were there. I knew where this was going and I rolled my eyes. Yes, people, I ROLLED MY EYES. I said "You know how to spell 'pizza'!" I did not keep the indignation out of my voice. He said "p-i-z-z-a?" Yep. He trotted back over to the concession stand and I rolled my eyes again. He came back and asked me again how to spell 'pizza'. I lost my mind and said "We're not getting pizza here! It's too expensive! And Pizza is spelled P-I-Z-Z-A!" He answered, "ok, I'm just seeing how much it costs, but it's not on the list." I retorted, "Oh, it's on the list. Look for the 2 Z's... it'll be the only word with 2 Z's!" I may have spoken loudly.

He comes back and says he looked 3 times and 'pizza' is not on the menu. I shrugged and said, "I'll go look when we leave." We packed up later and I went to look at the list while the kids headed to the showers.

You can probably guess what's going to happen.

Son of a! Pizza is NOT listed on the menu. You can, however, purchase a "pepperoni slice" or a "cheese slice."

We met back up out front and I said "Well, Habtamu... you'll be happy to know that you were right. Pizza is not on the menu."

I got a well deserved, "I TOLD you!"


Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

lol, awe man...don't ya just hate that. ;)

Love ya!

Windchimes said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can't BELIEVE you rolled your eyes!!!