Fair Days

Went to a neighboring town where some friends live. Their town was having it's annual Fair. I am always surprised at how much I enjoy taking pics at fairs. The gaudy lights get me every time. I tried taking some sneaky pics of people with my camera at my hip. Since my camera is an SLR, I can't see what I'm taking on the screen, so I had some problems getting the shots I wanted. Something to work on this summer... stealth mode photography.

Our friend Jim and daughter #1.

Yordanos and J on the Teacups.

Everyone else moving around Yordanos because she wouldn't keep her foot on the "gas" petal.

Lee teaching Habtamu the rules of the road... Old School!

The only thing worse than this bee (mentioned last year here) is this bee under-lit. Shudder.

Jim's daughter #2: Stealth Mode.

It may be that I don't like what the fair colors do to people, but it interests me still. Wonder if Lautrec felt the same way at the Moulin Rouge.


Megan said...

I like Lautrec's green faces. I think they were fantastic. But that's just me I guess.

The McEvil One said...

I love the photo of Yordi in the bumper cars...maybe that was her strategy: A good defense is to be stationary