County Fair -or- Where'd the money go?

The County Fair is this week, and we've been 3 times already. The kids have done a great job so far... we can stay about 2 hours, and then things get dicey... or rather, some kids get squirrely.

Tuesday night (the 1st night) we made it clear that we were JUST LOOKING. We showed them the lay of the land, and told them which rides cost a lot... that was obvious... they were the ones they were pointing at and asking "Me?"

Wednesday was reduced ticket day. Those carnies... they'll work every angle. Usually the ride tickets cost $1 each with rides being 2-4 tickets. That day, the tickets cost $1.50 each, BUT every ride was only 1 ticket.

We started out slow... they'd been on a carousel last month (the day of the Tilt-a-Whaaaah).

I couldn't help but think on this next ride... Man, if I had to tear down, pack up, and set up these bees every week, I'd eventually want to punch them right in the nose, or break one of their little red shoes off.

H had fun because there was a lever to push and pull and make the bee go up and down.

We waited in line (in vain, as it turns out) for the Teacups. The cups were so cute, but alas, we didn't look for the Size Stick and both our kids were too tall. :( Darn you, Size Stick!

So, being the awesome parents that we are, we took them on the Tornado. Lee and I both got sick on this thing a few years back, so what we were thinking, I'm not sure... other than "It's 'kind of' Tilt-A-Whirly and Tea-Cuppy and we don't HAVE to spin fast. (There's a wheel in the center that you can spin, or not spin to make you hurl or not hurl, as you rotate at an angle.)

Turns out, I cannot ride this under ANY circumstances anymore. I used to love the spinny rides. Dang.

I CAN, however, still ride roller coasters. Ok, so this thing is like the smallest of the smallest coasters you've ever seen. Y made it once around, shrieking/crying, but this carnie was totally nice and he stopped after one round and let the crying kids off (not just mine) and gave their tickets back. H went on alone, then once more with me. I showed him how to put his hands up in the air.

The kids have now had their first Fair Food... H had a corn dog, and Y found pizza she doesn't like (hasn't happened until now.) Then H had her pizza. We all had grilled corn on the cob which we all loved. They both asked for dinner at home tonight. Fine with me... Lee smelled like onions for, um, since yesterday, and counting...

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Ann said...

I love Fair Corn Dogs...we are headed there on Sunday...to eat corn dogs...spend waaaay too much money on rides and walk around the animal barns...fun times! Glad H and Y have enjoyed their first County Fair experience!!