Woo Hoo - AND a bag of chips.

We visited Lee's folks at their campsite at Rock Cut State Park. We asked the kids if they wanted to spend the night there while Lee and I went home. There were mixed reviews. Yordi said Yes, Habti said No. We said it was ok either way, but I'd brought their pajamas and toothbrushes, JUST IN CASE. Me being ever hopeful. :)

We had dinner and visited, and helped Uncle Paul and Aunt Carrie put up their tent and prepared the go home. The kids said together "Sleep here, no?" "You want to stay here? Mommy and Daddy home?" "Yes!" Um, ok. We would have peeled out of there, squealing tires and all, but the speed limit was 10 in the campground.

The kids kept reassuring us "It's ok. Habtamu Yordanos here, Mommy Daddy home. See you tomorrow!" Yordi said "See you next week!" Ok, then.


Katie Redfern said...

You Gardners just continually crack me up! Thanks for all the great stories of real life! :)

Ali BG said...

This is AMAZING, how fun and wonderful and what HUGE PROGRESS! :)

christophertadhankins said...

Sounds like a blast! Hooray for camping -- fun to know you were so close at Rock Cut. That's a great spot.. and a bummer about the speed limit. It's even easy to break the law on a bike through there.
Great to hear about the continuing progress.