Photo Finish

I was really getting into photography this past year. I thought once we got the children, that I'd use my "real camera" constantly, and that I'd fiddle with my pics in the evenings, and have just amazing pics, because the subjects were so great.

(sound of stereo needle being dragged over a record)

Uh huh. I can barely keep myself together every day, much less get into my right brain. Children assure that you are never alone with your own thoughts.

Anyhoo, I've been mostly using our little point and shoot with its crappy video taking ability. According to the children, this is the GOOD camera because of the video. They're always disappointed when I take pics with my digital SLR. "No video?!"

I now have hundreds of little video clips and pics that are sorted by dates. I always mean to post more pics, but not having sorted them, nor edited them in any way, makes me not do it.

Also, this picture is kind of indicative of our life just now, so it's not something I necessarily want to put out there for just anyone to see. Who is that tired, crabby lady in the middle? I'm almost sure I look better in real life. :)


Lisa said...

YOU are beautiful inside and out! Nothing better than kids leaning into you for bedtime stories. Although the time you have after they are sound asleep...priceless!

Anonymous said...

You are figuring this parent thing out just fine!! However, your life will get busier and busier as the kids adjust more to "American" life and start getting involved in sports, music, arts....etc. You only get to look good, sleep all night, relax AFTER they become adults!

Then, as parents age, throw taking care of them into the mix and you will really not have any time to yourself. But, as I am finding out as I am caring for my sick father, it is a privledge to give back to my parents as they devoted their lives to caring for me. It is a humbling experience.


christophertadhankins said...

My eyes went right to the boy at right staring at the photographer with disdain! I'm sure you would find equally amazing photos of us lying around on the couch surrounded by toys, junk, empty food plates, etc.
Ann and I rejoiced just a tiny bit this morning when she realized that as of tomorrow, she only has to make lunch for 1 child each day! Clare starts kindergarten tomorrow... yep. We're both going to cry like babies.
One more reason to home school for a bit!