Spitting Distance

The other day, Habti claimed that Yordi spit on him. (I get tall tales all day, so I usually ask both parties what happened... if no concensus is reached on "truth," I have them both apologize to each other and sit apart for awhile. There's usually egging on by one or both parties, until someone's feelings get hurt, so I figure they're both probably at fault.) Anyway, I asked Yordi if she spit on him.

"Yep!" she said proudly, with a grin, then "Sorry!"

I said "Chair, 5 minutes, for spitting on someone."

"I said SORRY!"

"Chair, 5 minutes."

As if there wouldn't be any consequence for spitting on someone! She went to the chair and cried and gave a much more sullen (and I felt, more repentant) apology to Habtamu.

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