Saved my Bacon.

After a terrible, terrible, terrible yesterday... mostly because of my resentful attitude that I do not have time alone much anymore, and due to the fact that one child was on my nerves from the moment I woke up... I started making calls to the school district about getting the kids in school in 2 weeks. I was convinced that I would not be able to home school, and that I would go bonkers if I had to spend every day/all day with the children. Alone. After getting some answers from the district about their ELL program (total immersion with 1/2 hour breakout was the only option), and after cooler heads (Lee's) prevailed, I decided not to jump into anything based on my feelings this week.

Also, I set our dryer on fire yesterday. Thanks be to God I knew where the extinguisher was. I won't go into details, mainly because I am super embarrassed, it being my fault and all. Yeah, yesterday... not so hot. (Well, hot in the dryer; not for me.)

Today, I had set up a play date/get to know ya visit with friends from church. They've got 3 boys and Kristen, the mom, home schools. They live on a 9 acre farm just north of us, and they've got animals. When we got there, the children got to feed the new ram. Then they discovered the bicycles. Remember, we've been telling them next year for bikes. (This is mainly because we live in town and the rules are different... ie: stop at stop signs, wear a helmet, etc, etc... Um, also, we didn't think giving them that kind of mobility this early on, before we know their characters, or if they would obey rules, was a good idea.) Ok, so, we got some training wheels on one of the bikes and Habtamu spent about 4 hours on it. I'm not exaggerating. Yordanos spent the same amount of time on their youngest boy's tricycle. They'd walk the bikes up to the top of the incline by the garage, and ride them down to the chicken coop, which I think H used more than once as "brakes". At one point, I saw H limping up the hill with the bike, his clothes and hair all dusty. He hadn't seen me watching him, but when he noticed me he grinned and said he'd fallen. I'd just like to remind everyone that a scant 4 weeks ago, this would have been cause for him to yell bloody murder. I was so proud.

It was a pretty restful day for me, as the kids were so entranced with the bikes, it was like "Mommy? Mommy who?" And Kristen and I were able to talk, and she pretty much allayed my fears about being able to home school, and she gave me some good information about what she uses. We WAY overstayed our welcome... 9:30 to 3:00, but we got invited back next week. I told Kristen more than once that she saved my bacon today.

Again and again I am humbled by the willingness of people to help us out. I'm also awed by the doors that adoption and parenthood has opened. I'm getting to know people I wouldn't have, and it's been awesome.

The kids are still thumping around upstairs, and I'm ok with that... please, please, please sleep in tomorrow! Lee's at Karaoke with his singing buddy, Marty, and I'm going to finish this and watch a dvd and knit. I believe there are popsicles in my future. I've been without since Tuesday and maybe that's why this week stunk?

Oh, one more thing, before I forget... for some reason, this week, H&Y decided to try calling us "Mom and Dad" instead of "Mommy and Daddy". I think it's because of movies they've been watching. Anyway, it was funny to hear them try to remember. "Mommy... Mom..." We told them either way was ok with us, but they've reverted back to MommyDaddy now.


Lisa said...

momma said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this my momma said... :) your doing great, some days are better than others...cliche but true. my advice - not that you asked...setup a night out for yourself every week...i mean EVERY week...it's helped me get through the tough days...ie. thursday is coming, thursday is coming. also, you aren't a failure if you can't homeschool...or can and decide not too.

lisa said...

you're doing great...its late

Katherine said...

Chris, you're doing great. We all have crappy days (and sometimes weeks!), so don't feel bad. I know sometimes God uses our shortcomings and hard days to teach us and make us more like Him (that's been my experience, anyway!). Call me if you want to hang out together (no kids!). Maybe do some knitting?

christophertadhankins said...

realizing that you no longer have much time for yourself is tough. But it helps to have a spouse who can trade off with you (I do, and I love it) for some free time.
Ann and I have even swapped vacations.. i got 4 days mountain biking in Utah, she got 4 days in NYC with her girlfriends.
Either way, even if it's just for a workout or a night out, getting sprung by your spouse is great.
Then, when you realize you would like to have that spouse along for the fun, you enter the world of babysitters! Thankfully you guys have Lee's parents close.. what a bonus.

Andrea said...

I hear you on not having time for yourself. Just think, though...you won't have to wait as long as me before they are old enough to stay by themselves! ;)

And yeah, this also made me seriously wonder if I was crazy to homeschool (not sure you know if I do?). And if you end up ditching homeschooling anyway, I wouldn't judge! :) Just make sure you and Lee both have the time you need alone (apart and together). Take care of yourself, especially if you are introvert like me and NEED that alone time to function!