Art Work

I've wanted to show you all examples of the kids' drawings. When they first got here, they were very perfectionistic about their drawings, so they all got destroyed before I could save them. I'm not sure why they felt they were not up to snuff, because I thought they were totally charming.

Yesterday, Yordi was drawing and wouldn't let us see...

See? Charming. It's our family and our church. That big black square? It's the parking lot. ("Big asphalt.")

Side note: I was shocked the first time Yordanos pointed at a tar truck and said "New asphalt." Turns out it's the same word in Amharic.

After Yordi unveiled her drawing, Habtamu did this drawing.

Not to be outdone, he drew the street in front of the church.

Click on the images to embiggen.


Lisa said...

I wonder what the little circles and the B means in yordanos pics next to you all?

The Gillman Family said...

I love children's art! So beautiful and usually full of meaning. Did you notice in both pictures you all are either multicolored or the same color? Do you think that might be a sign that they are feeling part of the group??!!!

Thank you for sharing. I love your stories!
Blessings, Kim (YG)

Yarnsmith said...

Oh, the little circles are balls and the B stands for Ball. :)

The McEvil One said...


I found this on a freebies site, it's a free DVD on homeschooling. All you have to do is fill out the info & they will send it to you. It's Christian...so I doubt they are going to lie to you!