Honeymoon wanes but it ain't over yet

I've heard from other folks who have adopted internationally say that the honeymoon period often lasts about 2 months. After that, children start 'behaving like family' and quit making their beds, being polite at the dinner table, etc... especially if there are other kids in the family for them to take cues from. As we round the 8 week mark, it lingers in the back of my mind that some of the good things I've gotten used to (like relinquishing the remote control when asked) may be on the way out. But on the other hand big thresholds are still being crossed and I wanted to jot them down before I forgot.

Yesterday we were all geared up to go swimming after lunch and it rained. I believe this was our first rain out of the summer, so the kids were kind of jittery as Chris and I had to say, "I don't know, Maybe" about 400 times as we debated whether or not we should go to Plan B, which was... um... I don't know... Plan B. Color? Computer? Something not within my personal space, please. Anyway, I laid down and H actually (eventually) took a siesta with me. Chris entertained Y by answering "I don't know, Maybe" another 300 times. When we woke up, the rain had stopped and Y was packed and ready to go. H was still groggy and didn't feel like getting wet. We decided that I would take Y swimming and H would stay home with mommy. Let me repeat that... My children actually separated willingly and without debate for about an hour and a half. That's a big step that we've been waiting for.

Also, today Y said, "I am ready" and "I am OK!" That's an appropriately used pronoun folks, and a connecting verb to boot! H can string long sets of nouns and verbs together into understandable stories, but isn't making sentences yet. It's funny because he will, in so many words and hand motions, tell me to relay a story to mommy that he and I already talked about. We'll look up at Chris and she'll just say, "Yeah, I got it Habtamu. You just told me the story," and everyone is happy.

Hearing "I am ok" instead of "Yordanos OK" was welcome relief, even if it was totally regurgitated. It's progress. I'll take it.


The Gillman Family said...

Lee and Chris

You all are an inspiration! I have truly enjoyed your journey these past 8 weeks! What a fabulous job you are doing!!

Kim (YG)

Cuz Jill said...

Thanks for giving me your blog address, sorry I caught you busy :oP. . . I have laughed and cried and been totally thrilled and probably a dozen other emotions in the mix as I've read all your entries. It sounds like y'all are doing great- parenting becomes you both! Welcome to the family kids! Your parents are smart to hold off on the mass introductions, though- us Pullens can be pretty overwhelming! (though I look forward to meeting you whenever it works out!) . . . I can't tell you how excited I am for you! Blessings your direction from us here in SD. Much Love!

Ellen said...

Excellent...There are people who have lived here their entire life, and still can't put proper sentences together!

christophertadhankins said...

I didn't know that Chris was "out of town" all weekend! I just figured she was holed up in the basement with her scrapbooking materials. Way to go, Lee! That must have been a bitty unnerving to face the weekend solo, but you made it through unscathed! Plus, there's something fun about being able to handle it - being able to say "sure, go ahead, I'll be fine!" and actually mean it.
Ann was up north all of Friday and most of Saturday for a funeral, so the girls and I were hanging together as well. Actually, I kind of enjoy the time alone with them. There's a different dynamic when Ann's not around. The only bummer is that I literally have to wipe my schedule clean. Try as I might, I can NEVER get a single thing done that I would like to while hanging out with them. It just isn't possible (yet). Projects always have to wait until Ann gets home to play defense.
And by the way, Y held the door open for us the other day as we left church.. I told her "thank you!" and she quickly replied "you're welcome!".
You're all on your way indeed.

christophertadhankins said...

Nice, Hankins.