I've been watching 2 other kids this week for a friend whose first year of teaching starts, um, tomorrow. She had meetings and whatnot Mon, Tues, Wed. The kids are roughly the same age as mine, so it worked out pretty well.

I am absolutely exhausted, even though I technically got more time to myself as the kids played with each other and didn't need me that much. I think the noise level increase did me in early on. The other kids were pretty high energy... not naughty energy, just MORE than my kids.

On the first day, the boys ganged up on the girls and vise versa. I was so proud of Habtamu... actually conspiring (ie: playing/interacting) with another kid.

On the second day, there was squabbling within sibling groups, not outside.

By the third day, it was like family. There was inter- and extra-sibling "Don't! Stop it!"

Also today, the 3rd day, we went to the farm of another friend with 3 boys (she who saved my bacon last week). The boys helped unload hay and played with toys with batteries. I taught some of the kids how to crochet, with varying success. So, it was 7 kids and 2 adults. What was I thinking? Those are terrible odds! The day was without mishap if you don't count one of the kids in my charge being thrown from a donkey. Oh, THAT?

I am going to bed shortly, and am looking forward to tomorrow! Good night!


Jori said...

I always have the best intentions saying "sure, we'll watch your kiddos" and then by day 3 I am thinking I am crazy as well! It's got to be done though - I need a break once in awhile too! :):)

Anna McEvilly said...

ok gardners... seriously... you need to send this journal into a publisher for consideration. you both write so well and i think this would be a good "chicken soup for the ...(something) soul" or "the adoptive parent journal" or something. i love every entry! i can visualize your kids and i am entertained! please consider!