So, the other night we were playing Go Fish together as a family. It beats the humiliation of playing Concentration with children. (Dang it! The last person turned up a "9"... where the blanketyblank is it?) Anyhoo... every time Habtamu got a good card he said "Awww, Yeah." We thought it was very cute and funny, but I got to thinking: Lee and I don't say that. Ha Ha... but I know who does! Aunt Carrie, you're already having an influence, and it's good!


KitKat said...

Dude, I was with Aunt Carrie recently and now I can't stop saying DUDE and a little AWW-YIGGITY-YEAH too. Sup wit dat?

Jori said...

You gotta love a positive relative influence!!

Anonymous said...

Elvis Voice: thank you, thank you very much.

I believe my "teacher" habits came into play when my mom (Grandmommy to H & Y) cooked us meals and I modeled appropriate expressions of gratitude. I'm pretty sure I heard Habtamu say "delicious" after that.

Yoda voice: Little sponges, they are.

Just glad yer still considerin me a positive influence...dudes.

Aunt Carrie

Anonymous said...

Hey Gardner family!
I've been way too busy at work, then on vacation, and then found out that the district has some new filter thing that won't let me get on your website from work anymore. Oh, not that I EVER really did that! Anyway, I finally took some time to get caught up tonight. Sounds like things are going pretty darn well overall. And I've just got to say it~ you have two really cute children!! I LOVE the photos. Also, will someone please shoot those bees with the red gloves and shoes. Who dreams up these carnival rides anyway? And finally dudes, kudos to Aunt Carrie, and Lee's AWESOME parents!
Love and prayers,
Sue Laude