Sweet Release

Lee's birthday is Sunday, and so we wrangled his folks into keeping the kids over night last night. (We didn't have to wrangle - we asked, they said yes - it's just a fun word.)

I met Lee's mom half way for the "drop." The kids went willingly into Grandma's "fancy" car and waved and smiled as I threw the car in reverse, squealing tires, not looking back.

I drove straight to my Local Yarn Shop (LYS if you're a knitter) where they have Friday afternoon knitting. I used to be able to go more frequently, obviously, and this was the 1st time I've made it since the kids. (Oh, wait... I didn't drive STRAIGHT there, I stopped and got a smoothie 1st, because I COULD.)

The main reason for having Lee's folks take the kids was so that Lee and I could both go to Karaoke. I know, I know... living life on the EDGE, I tell you. A bunch of work peeps were there to celebrate Lee's birthday. It was pretty fun, considering how LATE it was. I did sing 2 songs, and did not completely disgrace myself. It's was nice having a table full of adoring fans to sing along. And I realized that while I do not miss work at all, I DO miss the people. Great to see you guys!

Now we're headed to Lee's sister's house for a birthday lunch, and if I know the Gardners, we'll all hang around until dark. Lee's folks are bringing the kids straight to Aunt Carrie and Uncle Paul's, and I'm sure there will be lots of stories to share. Shebala-shaying, as we like to say.

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