1st Day of School

We started school today at home. I was going to ease into it, so I set the timer for 20 minutes per child. H and I worked on reading in this book, then I gave him a Grade 1 math workbook. We worked on it together until the buzzer went off, and then he kept going through the book... for the next 2 hours. Granted, the Grade 1 book was pretty easy for him, but there were some gaps that it filled in nicely. All told, he did 27 pages.

Y and I worked out of a Kindergarten Basics book, then K-1 math. Once I explained what to do, there was very little she had trouble with. But again, I think starting this way will fill in any missing pieces, plus it was a totally fun day because they mostly understood everything and were able to do it well. Y also finished 27 pages in the math book and 18 in the K basics. We weren't rushing or anything, and I didn't let them go on until I was sure they understood.

I was worried about the workbooks because a friend of mine who home-schools says her kids HATE workbooks. But, mine love them, just like I do... and always did.

I did a bunch of cooking for the food co-op my church has put together. Everyone makes x number of the same meal, then we all swap and give one or two meals to someone who needs meals. It's my first time and it's 15 meals for 4-6 people each. I've been cubing/cooking/bagging chicken for 2 days now... just finished all 30 pounds. I'm making Doro Wat, in bulk. Yikes.

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Jori said...

You go Lady!! Home shcool and food co-op ~ I have never even made Doro Wat for our family let alone that much!!! You Rock!! :):)
Glad the kiddos had such a good first day!