Gooooood Morning CAMPERS!!!

What do we have behind curtain #1?

Hey, Look! It's a happy camper!!!

Yes, Grandma and Grandpa's camper was a hit. It even survived H's rigorous flip every switch, open every door, rifle through every bin, touch everything twice routine. Yeah, fortunately this passed inspection too.
Next time kiddo, put on the while gloves.

Chris, being the resident genius manipulator asked the kids early in the afternoon if they wanted to sleep in the camper. Well, of course they didn't, Mommy. That was the most ridiculous idea evar! That is, until about 8pm when it became their idea to stay the night. Then, as if by magic, their pillows and pajamas appeared from the trunk of the car! And suddenly with a puff of smoke (or maybe it was gravel dust) Mommy, Daddy, and Daddy's car disappeared! I think they were still clapping for more before they realized exactly what was going on. :-) Friday night went so well, they opted to stay again Sunday evening. Man, I love the way that woman thinks.

The kids were speculating what naughty and decadent things mommy and daddy would be doing without their ever present eyes keeping them in check. I think Y guessed we'd eat popsicles. H, being more knowledgeable in the ways of the world, figured we'd watch TV. Neither even hinted at any form of "Business Time" which I kind of took offense to. For the record, we are not as boring as our children think we are. Chris and I really let loose with the kids out of the house.

Ok, fine. We are boring.

On a completely different note, Yordi has started swapping words to "Stand up and shout if you love my Jesus." She decided that the second verse is much more entertaining as, "Sit down and Oofah (that's 'stink' in Amharic instead of the English, 'whisper') if you love my Lord." I have to give her credit though, combined with the gesturing and fart noises, it certainly is more amusing.


Anonymous said...

So THAT'S why they're called "business socks". And thanks for the clarification...I always wondered if taking the recycling out had some deeper significance. Apparently it doesn't. It's just necessary.

Thanks for more laughs. Glad the kiddos allowed you the space to reconnect with your formerly boring life.

Aunt Carrie

The McEvil One said...

I just want to know who got to sleep next to the toilet...

Nicola said...

lol, glad things are simmering down a bit, and you guys are finding some great family and "momma+papa/couple time".

Much love,
Nicola :D