Today was our first official day of me being home with the kids all day while Lee was at work. Yesterday didn't count because we were at the campground until 3, and I still had back-up, in the form of Lee's AWESOME parents.

I thought the gloves had come off before... bwa, ha ha, not so... it was only the veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrry outer wrapping of the gloves. I don't think we're down to bare knuckles yet. They threw everything they had at me today, testing-wise. I'm not sure how I did, but I feel like I've gone 10 mentally challenging rounds with small people that do not use logic.

There was some conflagration out on the porch, while I was on the phone. I rushed out to see Yordi's chair flipped backwards, with her leg caught in the back of the chair. I looked over at Habtamu who was looking pretty nonchalant. I tried to comfort Y, who refused my help, got out of the chair herself, then refused to be comforted. I looked over at H, who now had something dripping from his head and he'd worked up some tears. He ran into the house and threw himself crying onto the landing of the stairs. Y threw herself onto the couch and started crying. Well. What the heck?

Now, here's the tricky part... I think they're both lying... here, tell me what you think:

He said: I was sitting with my head laid down on the table, and Yordi spit into her hands and wiped it on my head, then I woke up and she flipped her chair backwards trying to get away.

She said: Habtamu spit on his own hands, wiped it on his head, grabbed Yordi's throat and pushed her chair backwards.

While I was on the phone, I heard nothing until Yordi started screaming and crying. H didn't start crying until after I'd assessed. After that, I kept them apart for awhile, but they kept egging each other on and doing things to each other out of my line of sight, and then coming to tattle. Argh.

I told them I was not going to be home for dinner. (There was a picnic for our women's group at church.) They both put up a fuss, and I said "Oh, come on! You guys are totally sick of me today." I didn't add ("and I am totally sick of you" and "nah, nah, nah, ppppppppppbbbbbbbbbbbbttttttttttt"). I think I've grown. :)


133Gardner said...

This won't clear anything up, but later H told me Y grabbed her own throat. ??? Why he thought it was necessary to tack that on, who knows. Somebody call Ms. Marple, please.

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I got some 'Mommy go. Eat Tibs (steak)' pouts during dinner. Apparently having their hand picked pizza didn't trump how much fun you MUST be having out of the house...

Paul & Holly West said...

Hi guys!
I LOVE reading your blog and sharing in your journey with your kids! Paul often asks me why I am laughing while reading something on the computer. I tell him it's cause I am reading the Gardner's blog! :-)

Jori said...

Love keeping up with you guys ~ Hopefully learning somethings as we wait for our girls. (I am still afraid it may be me next at the park with 911 called!:)) Keep hanging one ~ you guys rock
love ya, Jori

The McEvil One said...

You mean you don't grab your own throat & throw yourself behind chairs??? You grab your throat to brace your neck, saving you from paralysis...duh!!! ;-)

Nicola said...

Doh...well, I remember my sister "grabbing my throat" at one point when we were close to their ages (and she's younger!). My best guess would be that spit went from Yordi to Habtamu (which probably seemed great fun to her till...), "hands" went from Habtamu to Yordi and ohh the howling. Eh? ;) Praise God for the planned rest bit that evening! Hope the rest of the week has gone a little more smoothly for ya. Those transitions can be a doozy.

Much love,
Nicola :)