All Hail the Conquering Hero

I should go away more often! Just kidding... ok, I'm not kidding. It was AWESOME!

When I got home, I received the welcome Lee usually gets after work: "Yay!" accompanied by hugs and kisses.

I went to the Scrap Inn this weekend with my sis-in-law and one of the owners of Scrap Inn and another friend. I highly recommend the Scrap Inn for your scrapping get-a-ways. Call today! Shameless plug for you, Kat and Kim!

I got 21 pages finished of our Ethiopian trip. I didn't journal much yet, and I've got another 200+ pics to go through. Yikes! I have to say, it was sooooo therapeutic... I was able to concentrate and do something I REALLY enjoy... yes, cutting pictures up and putting them back together, as Lee says. :)

I made pizza for lunch today and was a hero yet again. Then we went for a drive to DeKalb... oooh, I know you're jealous. Lee's and my ulterior motive was to stop at Mango's and get smoothies. We took a walk around the pond on NIU's campus... explained to the kids how there would be no ice cream for them if they did not walk without complaining. We met Aunt Carrie at Mango's. There are roughly a million choices of ice cream, so we asked the kids "chocolate or vanilla?" and the kid behind the counter said "Um. We're out of chocolate." To prove my blurtiness, I said "Oh. That's lame." There's more to the story, but it's kinda boring and I can't think right now, and if I don't publish now, I'll just delete this, so here... and yes, you're welcome to blurt "That's lame." :)


The McEvil One said...

I've never understood that...how does an ice cream place run out of ice cream, & a signature flavor like chocolate???

That's like going to Jimmy John's & them telling you that they are out of bread!

Come to think of it, that's acutally happened to us.....twice!!!

Jori said...

Welcome home and congratulations on cutting up and putting back together!! :) I love it but can't seem to find the time!

Andrea said...

It IS lame! (the ice cream place, not your post :) )

Carpenters said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend. That must have felt so good to get all that done!

With Love,