Back to Work! Kinda...

I just got back from the 1st night of my new job. It's pretty much a dream job, and it's so small (one night a week), but I am sooooooooooooooo happy and proud about it. (I think that means Mommy needs to get out a little more...)

Friends of mine own Scrap Inn. Yep, same place I went a couple of weeks ago. They asked me (after I kinda strongly hinted that I'd like to help them out a bit) to do some setup and cleaning once a week starting in the Fall.

Tonight the owners were not available, so I met a group and showed them around, got them settled, showed them how to use some of the equipment, hung out a bit, scrapped a bit, and came home. Awesome. See? Dreamy...

On the home front... things were very quiet today. I think the kids were relieved that it was just us today too. They're getting used to just little old me all day, and I'm getting used to filling the time without the "Oh no, oh no, what can we do now? Why is it only 10:15?!?!". Part of that is because they play better now, and also, I had everyone clean the house for a couple of hours this morning. Boo Ya! They were reluctant at first... well, Yordi wasn't... she loves to clean. (And she likes things tidy and put away.) Habtamu went upstairs to "clean" and I found his computer on. Um, yeah... good try. Then he rallied, I think because I caught him red-handed, and he vacuumed and dusted the upstairs. Then he "straightened" the living room, by putting blankets over the couches and chairs and spreading out his stuffed animals decoratively. It's cute.

We went to the park today, which was empty... hello first day of school! Both kids can now swing by themselves. It took all summer, but they can finally pump and get themselves going. I did an underdog with Yordi today, and she suddenly forgot how to pump. Uh-huh. So we spent a while with me alternating between the kids giving underdogs. No disasters, although, dudes, I am not so young anymore. I think I pulled something.

Also, those of you who used to read my yarnsmith blog may be interested to know that I have finished a little sweater. I'll get a pic and put it up over there. It means a lot to me that I did that, because for awhile there I felt so lost and separated from who I was that I didn't think I'd ever knit again. Dramatic much? :)


Anonymous said...

How sad when we want to go to work, right?? :0)
I think that is going to be great for you... a little adult time is always welcome!

I can't believe I have to go back Monday! :0(
I, on the other hand, have NO desire to go back to work. I got jipped out of summer break this year. GGGRRRR


KitKat said...

You're pretty much our dream employee too! :-) By the way, we've got about 3000 little slips of paper from the expo that need to be entered into our database, would you be interested in doing some data entry?

Yarnsmith said...

Please don't think I'm a suck-up, but I actually LOVE doing data entry. :) No, seriously... ask Lee.