Great Parenting Moment: One and Counting

Ok, ok, I've probably had more than one good parenting moment, but lately it just feels like I'm no closer to competent than the previous day.

Last night both kids were wound up. Habtamu, of all people, was saying he "Heard Something", which has been Yordanos' siren call. Then Habtamu got up to turn his fan off and startled Yordanos who then "Heard Something, and it can't be Habtamu because he can't make that sound." Meanwhile Habtamu is re-enacting turning the fan off, and it is determined that YES, he CAN make that sound.

BT (BedTime) + 1 hour: Yordanos comes down crying, thinking about Ethiopia. It's obvious that she's exhausted, and not to diminish her needing to process... past bedtime is not the time to do it. We sent her back up bed, but she was still upset and keeping Habtamu up.

BT + 1.5 hours: I dim the lights, and call both kids downstairs. Are you ready for the magic that is me? I had them work on a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Yordi and I side hugged and talked and worked on the puzzle. Habtamu and Lee did the same. By BT + 2 hours, they fell into bed and we didn't hear a peep.

I had told them to go back to bed if it was before 8:00 in the morning. Habtamu said "What about 7:50?" "Go back to bed." "7:59?" "Go back to bed." They got up at 8:30. All in all, it felt like what successful parents should do. :)


Marlo said...

Bravo! Well done.

Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

Nice one! I just love it when those parenting "woo hoo!"s happen. Even if there's a little, "now why can't I manage that more often?" left hanging around my head afterwards. ;)

Love ya,
Barley :)

Windchimes said...

SO, how much of the puzzle did you finish?

McEvil One said...


That made me laugh!!! :)

ABG said...

Wahoo! Great solution! I can totally imagine Habtamu saying "7:59?" Ha!

Karin said...

Perfect! And I can so relate to "7:59"... ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks for adding another idea to my parenting bag of tricks.