Can I Have Your Autograph?

Click here for 1 of Yordi's 15 allotted minutes of fame.


jur said...

Chris, when I was a little girl(age 5) I had a foster sister (close to my age, though it turned out she was 8) who was black. One of her biggest desires was to get her hair to be straight and to "wash off" her black skin. Even as a little girl that made me sad; I thought Danielle was beautiful and envied her beautiful skin. We were only a temporary foster home, and her next home was with a black family who could help her understand (we hoped) that her color and hair were beautiful and perfect as they were.
I am glad to Yordanos has parents whose skin is different than hers but who affirm her beauty. Because, yowzers, you have a gorgeous daughter. But you already know that.
(Your son is pretty good-looking, too.)
And I like all the affirmation you got from your pic and story on the website. :)
You guys are awesome. :)

Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

That's awesome! What a great pic of Yordi too. Glad you found a sight with good info. and support, her hair is so lovely natural.

Nicola :)

Ann Kroeker/Not So Fast said...

Loved the letter highlighted on that sight--and I'm having fun catching up on your Cedar Campus entries.

You're great storytellers. Thank you for inviting us into the honest inner workings of your family.

Jenn Hahn said...

Both your kids are handsome! This is a great article for Yordanos to keep, though, and a really cute picture.