Oh Relax! You'll survive

As you will see, the kids have really conquered their fears since last year's Tilt-a-Whirl experience, so we tried out Pharaoh's Fury (aka the Pirate Ship ride-thingy) at the fair this year. Unfortunately for them, their parents still have a twisted sense of humor and took pictures.

Click here if you really want to see the terror in detail.


Lisa said...

Oh man, they are gonna make you pay for these kinds of photos later in life! I actually rode this thing in Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago. The first time was great...the second time I felt sick and really disoriented, migrane, dizzy for HOURS afterward. I'm serious! Getting way too old for these things!

jur said...

I really liked H's look on his face... then I noticed the guy behind him... talking on his cell phone the whole time. Har har. Must've been quite a thrill.

McEvil One said...

Do you throw them in the deep end of the pool head first for laughs as well??? ;)