The Cinema pt I: Build your own Princess

With full-time employment pending, really wanted to get some Daddy time in with the kids. I talked to Chris about it and we decided that now was as good a time as any for me to take them to the movie theater. Now, the kids are no strangers to movies, DVD's, VHS, and anything else that comes through the TV set, but they've only seen a theater from the outside.

When I told Yordi that I was going to take her to see 'The Princess and the Frog' she told me she wasn't interested and that she had already seen it. "Really?" I asked, "Where?" "At Meagan's. I saw Part 1 and Part 2," she replied. "Um, that one is different," I said. "Hm," she said, unconvinced. So on Saturday, we hit the theater. We got there a full half hour early which gave her plenty of time to get the lay of the land, ogle the IronMan2 poster, poop, watch all the previews, and then send me out for popcorn 8 seconds into the actual movie. Chris and I were a little concerned that she wouldn't be able to follow it, but once the movie got rolling she was fine. (She doesn't do well with any kind of ellipsis; she wants to see it all.) She laughed at the right times and was fine during the scary parts. When it was all over, she pieced together that each room in the theater was showing a different movie. I was pleasantly surprised that she figured that out by asking questions and reading signs, and not by poking her head into each room.

When we got home I looked up the movie on IMDB and found this picture of the main voice actress:
Trying to be clever, I called Chris over and asked her if she thought they found the actress first and then drew the character to look exactly like her, or vice versa. She just looked at it and said, "You realize that's your daughter in couple years, right?"

Sigh... she's totally right.


McEvil One said...

To answer your question:

Princess Tiana was introduced to the media in Summer 2006 & none of the voice actors had been cast. That process began in December of 2006.

Feb. 2007, it was announced that Anoki Noni Rose was chosen over Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson & Tyra Banks

133Gardner said...

Thanks McEvil. You're my favorite neurotic Disney fan.