I flew half way around the world for this?

YoYo - yelling in the hallway: UGH! Where's my stupid necklace?

Lee - yelling from the bathroom: Which one?

YoYo: The stupid one!

Lee: Ah, I see. I was just asking because you have like 600 necklaces.

YoYo - stomping around: ARGH! You know, the one mommy gave me! I can't find it anywhere!

Lee - being oh so helpful: Well, where did you last see it?


Lee: ...

Lee: You're going to have to keep looking because it's not there now.

Aaaaand CURTAIN!


Karin said...

Is "Bwahahahahaha!" a comment? I just laughed out loud...

Barley, Bean, and Boo said...

who wouldn't fly halfway around the world for that? that's great stuff! ;D

Love ya!

McEvil One said...

I have tears in my eyes from laughing!!!

& don't you know that butts are the perfect hiding place for necklaces???

They are to butts what spare change is to couches!!!